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WREG Meteorologist Austen Onek on this week’s important environmental/ecological/recycling issues.

In this week’s segments:

*Climate Strike 2019 on September 20, including a quick look at activity in #Memphis, which preceeds…

*The 2019 United Nations Climate Summit “To boost ambition and accelerate actions to implement the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, UN Secretary-General António Guterres is asking leaders, from government, business and civil society, to come to the 2019 Climate Action Summit on 23 September with plans to address the global climate emergency. The Summit will spark the transformation that is urgently needed and propel action that will benefit everyone.”

Also: a look at this week’s results at

Got local Mid-South environmental/clean-up efforts to tell people about? Let us know and we’ll help! Send me the information at and we’ll pass it along.


Busy in the tropics and not quite as tropical here in the Mid-South. Updates on your Austen Onek- WREG forecast with tonight’s early edition of our exclusive video weatherblog Weather Overtime !


Early Monday fog with limited chances for showers and thunderstorms later today and more possible this week. All that and a look at the tropics, coming up on WREG News Channel 3 exclusive video weatherblog Weather Overtime.

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More links about climate change and – more importantly – what you and I can do to help #ProtectThePlanet as #ThereIsNoPlanetB
—- all available on my social media sites:

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WREG-TV YOUR ENVIRONMENT: for the week of MAY 12, 2019

Re-visiting a few sites from last week with new information, this week we take a look at:

*Cleaning up plastic pollution and using social media to spread the word
*Smoke from Mexican wildfires may head into the Mid-South, and a few great air quality and atmospheric data websites to use to track that and other phenomenon
*Local events including clean-up efforts from Wolf River Conservancy; supporting Project Greenfork and the latest events from Memphis City Beautiful and the Memphis/Shelby County Office of Sustainability

All that and much more this week on #WREG #ecoblog #YourEnvironment, available at



Dry, pleasant and mild for the last Sunday of April 2019 in the Mid-South. More showers and thunderstorms return to the area this week into early May. More on your into-the-week forecast with meteorologist Austen Onek- WREG on tonight’s exclusive WREG News Channel 3 video weatherblog Weather Overtime! //ShareAndEnjoy

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Latter half of the weekend allowed us to dry out… right before more rain arrives. More on what could be a soggy week ahead, along with a look at how YOU can get ready for severe weather in the Mid-South.

All that and a lot more with meteorologist Austen Onek- WREG on WREG News Channel 3 exclusive video weatherblog Weather Overtime.



For the week of March 10, 2019, #WREG @3onyourside meteorologist Austen Onek takes a brief look at things environmental: In this week’s edition:

* The #YouthClimateStrike is Friday, March 15
* Updated click tally from
* Air quality here in the Mid-South and over the rest of the planet
* Actions to fight destruction of the planet’s rain forests

Find out more at


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — When tornadoes hit, meteorologists have an incredible responsibility to keep people safe, keeping cool on the air even though a killer is heading right for our doorstep.

But sometimes that responsibility hits very close to home.

In February 2008, as a storm system spawned 87 tornadoes that killed 57 people, WREG’s Chief meteorologist Tim Simpson and veteran meteorologist Jim Jaggers were tracking storms all day and all night.

Late in the afternoon, they spotted a funnel cloud on the horizon, and watched it grow into an EF2 tornado that raked across Southaven, Mississippi and into Memphis.

Jim had to tell his family — on air — to get to safety.

“People are depending on us,” Tim says. “Their lives depend on what we say and how we warn them. And that’s something we take seriously here at News Channel 3.”

That’s one of the severe weather stories you’ll find in “Tornado Alert: Emotional Terror,” a new podcast debuting today on iTunes, Spotify and

“Tornado Alert: Emotional Terror” brings WREG’s Weather Experts together with colleagues from Oklahoma City, Fort. Smith and Birmingham to recount their scariest moments on the air.

You’ll find it here on, as well as iTunes and Spotify — we urge you to download it, rate it and then share it with your friends.”


WREG Meteorologist Austen Onek with the first episode of March 2019. In tonight’s edition: *Air quality in the Mid-South *Time left until Earth Hour 2019 *The Youth Climate March and other Climate Activism events local and around the world. Just kids playing hooky or can they change the world with their efforts? All that, and a look at how much rain forest space has been saved by in 2019. Got local environmental, ecology, recycling, clean-up, conservation events? Drop me a line at #YourEnvironment

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