“The nuclear weapons debate we need” – WaPo

“While continuing U.S. modernization and keeping a wary eye on Mr. Putin, a new president should look for specific areas for engagement with Moscow, such as keeping nuclear material out of the hands of terrorists and reducing the dangers associated with both nations’ launch-ready alert postures,largely unchanged since the Cold War.

Mr. Obama’s early vision of a world without nuclear weapons is a long way off. It is time to work on present-day reality: What kind of strategic nuclear weapons do we need, at what cost and to deter what kind of threats? The campaign could use a debate that acknowledges this and grapples with it.”

#IWantMyPlanetBack   #WhoSpeaksForEarth  #PloughsharesFund  #GlobalZero #BulletinOfTheAtomicScientists #NuclearThreatInitiative


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