Happy Easter Sunday to all those celebrating the holiday today!

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WREG Meteorologist Austen Onek takes an in-depth look at the forecast for Saturday, April 19, for the holiday weekend. Today’s special features: Memphis Redbirds First Pitch Forecast, Easter Sunday sunrise service weather, Lyrid Meteor Shower forecast information and Weather Where The Troops Are.

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“Ironically, the Lyrids are also one of the oldest meteor showers identified from historic records. In fact, Galle actually traced the shower back to Chinese records dating all the way back to March 16th 687 BC, which describes “Stars (that) dropped down like rain…” clearly, the Lyrids were considerably more active in ancient times.”

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Warm spring day across not only the Mid-South, but across the southeastern United States. High temperature so far in Memphis has been 79 set at 3:31 PM.

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Mars Meeting, Seminars, VE Testing, Concessions

One Day Only

Saturday April 12, 2014

9 am to 3 pm

Bartlett Station Municipal Center

5868 Stage Road Bartlett, TN

North side of Stage Road just west of Bartlett Blvd.

Admission, Vendor, Club, and Flea Market tables all free

Only 104 inside spaces and 25 outside – 100% FULL every year since Day One

All Ham and Non-ham prizes donated – $3000+ every year

So far… Switching Power supply, Yaesu Ft-2900, D-Star Mobile – more coming stay tuned!!!

100% of raffle proceeds donated to LeBonheur Children’s Hospital

Load in 7 – 9 am  -  Load out 3 – 5 pm

Inside load in on Friday afternoon 4-6 pm

Talk-In 147.03/63 Repeater – 107.2 Tone

VE testing in Morning, Seminars Noon to 3 pm

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WREG Meteorologist Austen Onek takes an in-depth look at A) The Memphis Redbirds opening forecast tonight, B) Weather Where The Troops Are, C) Mississippi River Levels, D) the extended 7 Day Forecast, E) Mid-South climate data… you know: tons of great weather stuff. Tune in and find out more.

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First of all, an important announcement: I can’t stand being wrong.

I can’t. It just bugs the daylights out of me. More than getting a knot in my shoelaces. More than misplacing my car keys when I’m in a hurry.

It may take me a while to admit it, but I always (try) to admit it.

Life is like that: full of wrongs. Just up to the brim and spilling over worth of wrongs. That’s life.

You’ll be disappointed. No question about it. Not meaning to set you up for failure before you try it, but – you need to know – it will happen. What is that, you ask? Failure when dealing with people. Life ain’t pretty… we all know that. Neither is human behaviour. Wow, it is ugly.

Stating the obvious, I know. I have a bad habit of doing that.

(Yes, this is a Christian ethic that Jesus stated in the New Testament thousands of years ago, and it is just as relevant today. If you’re going to go all bugnuts on me in regards to matters of religion and differences and how much more you-are-right-than-I-am-because… please go away and rethink your views about being conciliatory and open in regards to other people because – if you do – you’re not any better than what you’re accusing me of being. Think about that for a minute, why don’t you.)

That doesn’t mean we can quit the world or stop being nice to each other. Well, nicer anyway. One of the things that God was trying to get across to us while Jesus was involved with His ministry on Earth was the command to care for each other. That we love one another is something that is very hard for us to do, let alone for some people to even consider. I can testify to that very easily.

My dad and I may not always see eye to eye on things. We haven’t spoken in quite some time. Things were said on both sides that shouldn’t have been said. There is not much that can be done about it except to forgive and walk away from the situation, sadly. I can’t change his mind about a lot of things that he was mistaken on and that’s that. There are people like that around every corner, and a reason that the world is in the shape that it is: people can’t admit when they’re wrong and humbly accept it.

The people that you encounter from day to day, the ones that think only – actively only – of themselves, can cause you to despair after you run into enough of them. The times that you spend with people in interactions between situations is incredible (not always in a good way) and very tiring at day’s end. While I’m prone to be wrong (often very wrong) I do follow the precepts and commands of Jesus to forgive. I’m not always good at it, but ultimately I am able to let it go and go onwards. If those whom with you disagree are not going to change, then stop trying. That’s it and that’s all. No other way to put it. Yes, I’m being very one-sided about being one-sided. There is no other option to the situation. Drop it (whatever the situation is) and move on.

My ex-wife was an addict to prescription painkillers and an alcoholic. She tried treatments, unsuccessfully. Her family was no help in that they enabled her. In the end, there was little that I was able to do to help, and her addictions ultimately claimed her life. It was one of the most sobering and harrowing episodes of my life, and I will always go forward wondering what more I could have done to save her. The answer, of course, is: nothing. Getting an addict to believe that they have a problem is monumentally difficult. After a certain amount of time trying to convince them of that brings you to the old adage of trying to teach a pig to sing: it wastes your time and annoys the pig. After a lot of trying, I had to stop and let her do what she was going to do. As I have told my son, watching his mother self-destruct with no end in sight, after a certain amount of time you realize that you can’t live someone else’s life for them. End of story.

It hurts to drop the hurt and to move on, looking backwards wondering what could have been done differently. But, in the end, as God put, you need to turn the other cheek when someone – or life – slaps you.

As we approach the last days of the Lenten season, I was listening to John MacArthur’s radio program this morning on the way to work, talking about Jesus’ betrayal in the Garden of Gethsemane. The disciple, Peter, took out his short sword and attacked the adjutant of the high priest in defense of Jesus. Jesus told Peter to put the sword away, that the weapon was not necessary in his defense. All that was going to occur was going to occur and Peter’s sword would have no effect or use, and that all it would do would be to get him in trouble. There was nothing to be done except let the events unfold. Jesus was trying to protect Peter, even though Peter didn’t know it at the time, trying to be brave after being told he would turn tail and betray Jesus.

Then, later, after Jesus’ resurrection, Peter was forgiven, publicly and undeniably. Forgiveness of a heinous and grievous action: the betrayal of a friend.

We will screw things up as humans. We will be ugly to each other when we shouldn’t. We will be stupid as stupid can possibly get. We will be so into ourselves and not about others that we will look back, decades later, and realize what we should have done and whom we should have been. Regrettable, in the extreme, the realization that – once again – we got it wrong.

Are we perfect? No. But, at least – realizing our mistakes – we can try to be less imperfect than we have been. This, in turn, would hopefully have a improvement on our fellow humans, to at least attempt to be better than what they are.

Ignoring, for the moment, the idea that if you do something nice to/for someone you are doing so to make them feel worse about the way they behaved (I’ve been guilty of that myself, sadly), remembering that every act of kindness should flow from you to make the world a better place, what is it – every day of your life – that you can do to improve a situation. If someone wrongs you, how can you make it better? Conversely: what can you do to NOT make the situation worse? How can you be a better you?

Turn the other cheek when slapped (wronged, humiliated, cheated, etc.). Be the better person. Help them be an improved human by teaching them the better way to behave. Make the world a better place one person/situation at a time. We’re all in this together. 



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WREG Meteorologist Austen Onek takes an in-depth look at the forecast for Sunday, April 6 and following. Tonight’s special focus: a rapidly rising Mississippi River could cause some concerns. A look at river levels, and a look at Weather Where the Troops Are.

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There was a great show on ABC years ago called The Commish with Michael Chiklis in the title role. One day, his character caught one of the police officers making five copies of a report, throwing four of the copies away and depositing one in the proper receptacle. When asked why he was doing this, the officer said, “That’s the way I was taught to do it.” ‪Just because it IS that way doesn’t mean it has to STAY that way, especially if the practice is inefficient, dangerous or just plain dumb. #‎ReTHINK‬

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